Everything You Need to Know on The Organic Skin Care Revolution

What is the difference between natural and organic products, what is 'organic certified', and what makes hemp oil big news in the world of skin care and anti-aging?
Research shows than everything we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Research also indicates the direct link between diseases and chemicals; therefore, we must eliminate or significantly reduce our skin's exposure to synthetic ingredients. These substances cause damage that may not be visible, yet resulting in skin irritation, migraines, breathing/hormonal problems and more.
Today, when science and medicine break endless boundaries, it was only a matter of time until skin care products are stripped off their harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Artificial ingredients such as parabens may contribute to a longer shelf life, but may cause unwanted side effects, including hormonal imbalance. Now, following decades of global research, certified organic products including hemp oil essence bring new skin care.

What are the benefits of natural skin care products?

1. Environmentally friendly: the production process of natural products is free of chemicals that are released into the environment and cause pollution.
2. Using natural products helps prevent unpleasant skin irritations caused by artificial chemicals, colors and fragrance that contain allergens. 
3. Natural fragrance: a natural product smells just like the natural ingredient it is made of, not like a cocktail of chemicals that dazes the odor of chemical ingredients.
4. Natural skin care products include only natural preservatives, hence there are no side effects (such as harming our body's hormonal balance) caused by artificial preservatives.
5. Long term results: over time, natural products are more efficient compared to artificial products.

What is the difference between natural and organic?

When it comes to our skin, there is a huge difference.
"Natural product" means the product is based on natural ingredients. When the product is organic, it means the cultivation process is free of artificial chemicals and fertilizers, which cling to the plants and damage our health. In fact, when using a "natural" product, it does not mean its ingredients were not sprayed and chemically affected by the cultivation process.

What is "organic certified"?

Anyone can tell you that their product is organic. Fortunately for us, just like a kosher stamp, organic skin care has an unequivocal standard that determines whether the product is organic or has not met required standards. There's no doubt that a certified organic product will cost a little more, but that's the only way to make sure we maintain our health while enjoying a truly high-quality product.
ECOCERT COSMOS is a strict international certification, ensuring that cultivation, production and packaging meet the strictest standards, and that ingredient composition and organic content that are presented on the package are accurate.

What is hemp oil everyone is talking about?

The hemp oil is considered the most perfectly balanced oil in nature. It is the only plant known to man that contains all 21 vital amino acids along with antioxidants (vitamin E). Cosmetics products that contain hemp oil boast numerous benefits:
1. The fatty acids within the plant help build the cells in our bodies and slow cellular aging by nurturing nerve cells.
2. Stimulates and revitalizes the immune system with a perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 that strengthen the immune system.
3. Helps maintain hormonal balance: the only plant that contains gamma-linolenic acid, which turns into a protective hormone called prostaglandin (PGE1), which helps control hormonal balance, and is therefore also effective in treating acne, eczema and even helps prevent psoriasis flare-ups caused by hormonal imbalance and omega 6 deficiency.
4. Hemp oil extract is known as the nature's best anti-aging. Research shows that its linoleic acid extract naturally slows skin aging.

To summarize, we must carefully check the substances we apply to our skin, to avoid side effects caused by chemicals and synthetic materials, while being able to enjoy the essential benefits of certified organic products that include the revolutionary hemp oil extract.

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